Use Smart SMS App to Increase Customer Engagement and Conversion

Use Smart SMS App to Increase Customer Engagement and Conversion

Use Smart SMS App to Increase Customer Engagement and Conversion

Customers today seek personalized experience at every point of their buying journey, and effective communication plays a significant role in increasing customer engagement. While there are no dearth of internet-based communication channels, text-messaging continues to be one of the most effective modes of communication due to several reasons including greater penetration effect, more open rates and cost-effectiveness. Though, SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a robust App that helps in effective business communication, its’ interface isn’t intuitive enough to manage the evolving requirement of a business.

When integrated with a robust CRM like Salesforce, its’ interface becomes more intuitive which helps in handling evolving needs of a business. One such Salesforce integrated App is the Smart SMS App that is endowed with multiple advanced features that can take customer engagement and communication to a new-level. The robust App empowers users to do personalized communication with their customers.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the amazing features of this App:

Single/Bulk SMS: Individual as well as bulk SMS (in a batch of 200) can be sent from list view using the bulk SMS interface.

Single/Bulk MMS: Individual, as well as bulk MMS can be sent using this App on button click.

Lightning Ready: The App runs equally well on the Salesforce classic, as well as the Lightning platform.

Pardot Integration: The performance of marketing and sales team increases as the app allows integration with Pardot.

SMS Template: SMS Template which is similar to an email template can be formed, tailored, and used for sending SMSes along with any object.

Automation through Workflows: By creating simple workflow configurations, the sending of SMSes can be automated.

Process Builder: Messages can be sent to the recipients automatically when rule criteria are fulfilled.

SMS from Report: The issue of unanswered calls and emails can be resolved using this feature by selecting the report, the template and the phone numbers from and to which they wish to send SMS.

Set Reminders: To ensure users keep a track of certain events, text reminders can be sent from Salesforce. This can help sales reps to easily respond to incoming SMSes.

Surveys: By integrating feedback data with Salesforce, surveys can be built by making use of workflows that automate distribution of survey.

Conclusion: These are some of the advanced features of this Salesforce texting App, which makes it a preferred mode of business communication. So, make sure you implement this App for better customer engagement and more closed sales deals.