As a robust and cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), Salesforce continues to rule the CRM space. This is primarily due to the wide array of features and functionalities, customizability, and integration capabilities offered by this innovative platform. Over the years, the software has become extremely popular with adoption by organizations across different industry verticals to manage their customer relationships while ensuring operational efficiency by helping streamline processes.

Today, businesses have the provision of integrating their text messaging solutions within their Salesforce org. This has helped organizations realize significant benefits including streamlined and personalized communication. By integrating business messaging with their CRM, organizations can ensure better communication with their prospects, and turn them into happy customers. In fact, such integration will help increase response rates, save time by automating tedious tasks, share insights while managing multiple leads at a go. This will help their sales team close deals quickly while improving their brand reputation through thoughtful communication.

However, the benefits which an organization could avail of largely depend on how the texting solution is integrated into Salesforce. Providers that offer native integration into Salesforce and connect directly into the CRM offer more benefits than integration that involve third-party software. Though, native integrations are comparatively difficult to develop, they allow the direct sending and receiving of text messages while eliminating potential vulnerabilities and delays. Since, no third-party integrations are involved, native integrations offer security, reliability, and cost benefits.

One such Salesforce messaging app that is built natively on the Salesforce platform is the Smart SMS app. The robust app helps in the running of individual/ bulk SMS/ MMS campaigns and helps the sales team to connect with a wider customer base due to the availability of multiple advanced features. Apart from the wide array of features offered by this text messaging app, users can be assured of dedicated and reliable support.

Listed below are some of the amazing features offered by this app, which makes it one of the best Salesforce SMS app accessible on the AppExchange platform:

Send SMS in Bulk: The app allows users to send single or bulk SMS/MMS in a batch of 200 on button click from List View or using bulk SMS/MMS interface.

SMS Automation through Workflow: Users can automate the sending of SMS by making use of simple workflow configuration. Sending automated text messages will simplify workflow, so users can spend less time and effort on manual tasks, which ultimately results in an improved bottom line.

SMS Template: This feature allows an easy way to create, modify, and use SMS templates by making use of any object and associated fields.

SMS scheduler: This feature allows the scheduling or arrangement of sending different types of messages to customers located across different locations and time zone. For this sales reps require entering the time, date, number, or numbers to which the messages are to be sent, and the SMS template. The SMS gets disbursed at the scheduled date and time without any manual intervention.

Auto Responders: This feature allows users to set up Auto Responses. So, every time a customer responds to a contest, survey, or promotional message, it can easily and automatically respond to the customers as soon as their query matches pre-defined keywords.

Quick Wrap-up:

The benefits of integrating text messaging solutions with your CRM are many. In fact, it is the simplest way of connecting with your audiences through their preferred channel. Smart SMS app from Girikon is a user-friendly and highly competitive text messaging app that can be leveraged by businesses to send SMS from Salesforce and connecting with their customers in the best possible way