About Us

Smart SMS app from Girikon is a one stop text messaging app that empowers app users to connect with their customers and partners in the most effective way. Built natively on the Saleforce platform, this powerful SMS solution allows users to send individual or bulk SMS to accounts, contacts and leads from the Salesforce panel. Endowed with advanced texting features, this SMS app is one of the best SMS app for Salesforce that can help organizations to increase customer engagement through batch texting, automated texting and conversational texting.

Smart SMS app by Girikon works equally well in the Salesforce Classic, as well as lightning platform without the need for additional configuration. This Salesforce texting app is easy to install and can be downloaded from Salesforce AppExchange by following simple instructions. Being a top-ranked messaging app, Smart SMS app draws faster customer response as compared to other modes of communication such as emails etc. By incorporating this robust text messaging app within their Salesforce org, organizations can enable their sales team to better engage with prospects and close more sales deal quickly.

Why Opt for Smart SMS App?

As a reputed name in the Salesforce consulting, implementation and support space, Girikon has designed, built and deployed a robust messaging app that is built on the Salesforce platform. This industry focused Salesforce SMS app offers a quick and efficient way to communicate with your customers in this digital era.

Endowed with excellent features such as hassle free sending of bulk and individual SMS es, scheduled SMS campaigns, SMS Workflow Configuration etc. Smart SMS app from Girikon can help organizations gain the trust of their customers. The robust app is listed on the Salesforce APP exchange and Girkon being a five-star Salesforce APP exchange partner offers reliable Salesforce support.