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SMART SMS App - Basic Features

Lightning Ready

Besides running on the Salesforce classic platform, the robust app runs equally well on the Lightning platform.

Single & Bulk SMS

The app is capable of sending individual, as well as bulk SMSes in a batch of 200 from the ListView using the bulk SMS interface.

Single & Bulk MMS

The app is capable of sending individual, as well as bulk MMS on button click using bulk MMS interface

Pardot Integration

The robust app allows integration with Pardot, which improves the performance of marketing and sales team.

SMS History

All SMS records sent from Salesforce can be viewed and can be linked with the Lead or account corresponding to it.

SMS Template

SMS Template similar to an email template can be created, customized, and used with any object for sending SMSes..

Bulk SMS from any Objects to all records

The app allows the sending of individual & bulk SMS/MMS in a batch of 200 from list view to records of any object using SMS/MMS interface.

SMS automation through workflow

The sending of SMS can be automated by creating simple workflow configurations.

MMS automation through workflow

The sending of MMS can be automated by creating simple workflow configurations.

salesforce texting app

Smart SMS App has helped organizations to take customer communication to a new level.

Built natively on the Salesforce platform, this robust App enables running of Single / Bulk SMS / MMS campaigns while empowering teams to reach out to more customers faster with features like Automation through workflows, customizable SMS templates, a consolidated repository of SMS activities, Pardot Integration and many more. By paving way for personalized communication, organizations can increase their customer engagement as they can send SMS from Salesforce through the batch, automated and conversational texting thereby closing more sales deals.
Smart SMS app from Girikon is one of the best Salesforce SMS App available on the AppExchange as it offers dedicated and reliable support besides being cost-effective.

Smart SMS App - Advanced Features

Whatsapp Integration

Whatsapp Integration

Workflow Rule / Process Builder

Workflow Rule / Process Builder

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Set Reminders

Set Reminders



SMS from Report

SMS from Report

Enterprise-grade security with 128-bit data encryption and strict data privacy policies.

Fanatic customer support for expert help with everything from simple tips to technical integrations.

Clear, honest pricing with zero hidden charges. Pay as you go with zero commitments.

Upcoming Features

Video Calling
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